Release International

Release International serves persecuted Christians around the world.

Their vision is to see a world in which the whole Body of Christ understands persecution and responds prayerfully, pastorally and practically every time a Christian is persecuted.

BEATS Charity

BEATS was set up following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami which claimed many lives over a vast area.

The charity is principally working in Sumatra, Indonesia, providing financial support to provide education, accomodation, food and other needs for victims of earthquakes and tsunamis by partnering with two organisations, YACAN & YASAH, who run children’s homes and sponsorship programmes.

Cranleigh Baptist Church

It is hard to think of anything better than enjoying a real, dynamic relationship with the creator of the universe. Cranleigh Baptist Church is simply a group of people who believe that Jesus Christ has made such a relationship possible. Whoever we are, wherever we’re from, whatever we’ve done, we can be friends with God!

Bookham Baptist Church

The vision of Bookham Baptist Church  is to be a community enthusiastically following Jesus Christ, working out together what it means to live in His ways in an often-confusing world.

This does not mean that they all think the same about everything. In fact, the church holds a rich variety of passions and personalities. They are working out their faith in lots of different ways. What unites them is a commitment to God’s purpose in the world: to transform individuals, families, communities, nations, and every sphere of life, by His love.


Festive is a Christian Charity set up ENTIRELY for Further Education Colleges and Sixth Forms. They are passionate about providing Christian support to students, staff, chaplains, church workers and supporters within this sector.

They aim to pray for, encourage and support Christian Unions in any way that they can and long for a vibrant witness of the Lord Jesus in Colleges and Sixth Forms throughout the UK.

Cherish a Child

Cherish a Child is a faith-based response to the most vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned children living with the HIV virus.

Their response is built on The HOPE Principles of Healthcare, Love, Prosperity and Education for the children who fall or are pushed below the scope of most childcare services offered to OVC’s in Uganda due to their HIV positive status and the stigma and discrimination associated with the disease.

Chelmsford Community Church

Chelmsford Community Church is as its name says a ‘Community Church’, aiming to reach out to the community both in Chelmsford and beyond.

Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre

Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre is a multi-activity residential and non-residential centre which caters for children, young people and adults of all abilities. Their particular passion and expertise centres on watersports and, as a recognised Royal Yachting Association Training Centre and British Canoe Union Approved Centre, they make the most of their privileged location in the stunning surroundings of Chichester Harbour.